Many NCIS fans are eager to see Michael Weatherly return to the show and replace Gibbs as the team leader following Mark Harmon’s departure. However, bringing Tony DiNozzo back would be a mistake. During Weatherly’s time on NCIS, his character underwent significant growth, evolving from a chauvinistic ladies’ man into a character with a deep and complex connection to Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo. Tony and Ziva’s relationship, often referred to as “Tiva” by fans, was a central element of the show. It was marked by a love-hate dynamic that eventually developed into genuine love, leading to the revelation that they had a daughter together.

Tony’s storyline was intricately intertwined with Ziva, and it reached a satisfying conclusion when she returned in season 16, revealing that she had faked her death to protect Tony and their daughter, Tali. The show granted them an off-screen reunion in Paris. For Michael Weatherly to return as Tony simply because Gibbs has stepped down would be an unnecessary move for both the actor and the character. Tony’s priorities shifted as he got to know his daughter, making it implausible for him to retake his old job or lead the team.

A proper return for Tony could only be justified if it added depth to the storyline involving Ziva and Tali. Returning to the team is out of the question, as they initially fled to Paris to safeguard their daughter. Bringing them back would undermine the reasons for Tony leaving with Tali and why Ziva remained hidden for so long. Perhaps a guest appearance for one or two episodes could work, but reinstating him as a permanent team member would nullify the character development that took place.

Furthermore, Tony would have to contend with the current team leader, Alden Parker, portrayed by Gary Cole. NCIS has evolved significantly, with new dynamics and characters such as Nick Torres, Kasie Hines, and the new leader, Parker. While some fans may have struggled with this change in leadership, others appreciate the fresh energy Parker brings to the show, which is currently in its 19th season. Part of NCIS’s success lies in its ability to introduce new characters and advance the overarching narrative. Bringing Tony back to his old team might ultimately disappoint viewers who realize that the show can never return to its former glory from nearly 20 years ago.

By chrysos