NCIS: Los Angeles has secured a renewal for its 13th season as part of CBS’s broader commitment to its NCIS franchise. The show, which premiered in 2009 as a spinoff of the original NCIS, stars Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. It follows the agents at Los Angeles’ Office of Special Projects, a division of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service tasked with handling dangerous undercover assignments. While the critical reception has been mixed, NCIS: LA has maintained its status as a fan-favorite among CBS’s procedural dramas.

According to Deadline, CBS is renewing three series within the NCIS franchise: the original NCIS, greenlighted for its 19th season, the newly announced NCIS: Hawaii, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Although NCIS: LA wasn’t initially part of CBS’s extensive renewal plan, contracts with the show’s stars have now been solidified. Both O’Donnell and LL Cool J are confirmed to return, and the series received a straight-to-series order. R. Scott Gemmill, who serves as showrunner and executive producer for NCIS: LA, will also be back.

While NCIS: LA may not match the longevity of its 18-season predecessor, it continues to be a consistent presence in CBS’s prime-time lineup. CBS Studios’ agreement with O’Donnell and LL Cool J is considered one of the most lucrative deals in television, making it evident why CBS decided to keep NCIS: LA in its programming schedule. Additionally, the highly anticipated debut of NCIS: Hawaii, the first entry in the franchise to feature a female lead, positions NCIS: LA as a strong lead-in for the newest NCIS. CBS’s array of NCIS programming is expected to generate excitement for the network’s two other procedural additions, FBI: International and CSI: Vegas. The current season of NCIS: Los Angeles is set to conclude on May 23.

By chrysos