In the action-packed world of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” each season is filled with gripping episodes, but one stands out as the fan-favorite, often with the highest IMDb ratings. These standout episodes feature thrilling performances by the cast and captivating storylines that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Here’s a selection of the most remarkable episodes from each season, based on their IMDb ratings:

  1. “Random On Purpose” (Season 1) – 8.2: This episode kicks off the series’ pattern of twists and turns. The team investigates the death of a Naval engineer, initially attributing it to international espionage. However, forensic scientist Abby Sciuto suggests the involvement of a serial killer named Phantom, leading to a captivating hunt.
  2. “Personal” (Season 2) – 8.3: Deeks is shot during what appears to be a robbery but is soon revealed to be an attempt to lure Agent Kensi Blye. The storyline builds tension through secondary antagonists before unveiling the primary threat, Vakar, who heads the Grozny Emirate organization.
  3. “Neighborhood Watch” (Season 3) – 8.5: Kensi and Deeks go undercover as a couple in a neighborhood to uncover a Russian sleeper agent. This episode delves into the complex relations between the US and Russia, combining espionage with hints of workplace romance.
  4. “Descent” (Season 4) – 8.3: A nuclear bomb explodes in a Mexican desert, reshuffling the usual partnerships. Callen and Kensi’s collaboration in Iran showcases their spy skills, while Sam works with his wife Michelle. The episode concludes with Deeks’ kidnapping, leaving viewers on the edge.
  5. “Allegiance” (Season 5) – 8.3: The team investigates the murder of a US federal agent related to the hawala money transfer system. This episode emphasizes reunions and showcases cooperation between different agencies, offering a unique perspective.
  6. “Praesidium” (Season 6) – 8.4: Hetty’s home is attacked, her bodyguard is killed, and it’s revealed she was relocated to protect her from an agency leak. The return of formidable foe Matthias adds to the intrigue.
  7. “Blame It On Rio” (Season 7) – 8.8: Washington-based NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo’s pursuit of a money launderer who escapes from a plane sets the stage for cinematic action. A sequence involving a drugged plane marshal and a double adds to the suspense.
  8. “Hot Water” (Season 8) – 8.9: A mole plants evidence that suggests Deeks, Sam, Callen, and Granger are working with the enemy, leading to intense internal conflicts. The episode highlights the fragile nature of trust in law enforcement and espionage.
  9. “Goodbye Vietnam” (Season 9) – 8.5: Hetty’s kidnapping prompts the OSP team to join forces with her old unit from the Vietnam War. The off-the-books mission injects new life into the series and features improved action sequences.
  10. “Till Death Do Us Part” (Season 10) – 9.1: Kensi and Deeks finally tie the knot, offering a romantic and relaxed change of pace. The episode is a departure from the usual action-packed sequences and showcases the couple’s love.
  11. “Mother” (Season 11) – 8.7: A black-ops soldier trained by Hetty arrives in Los Angeles, seeking revenge against her. Team members must protect Hetty while deciphering the clues left by the soldier, resulting in heightened tension.
  12. “Russia, Russia, Russia” (Season 12) – 8.4: Callen investigates a Russian asset and is arrested on suspicion of being a double agent, leading to a gripping interrogation-driven storyline. The episode underscores Callen’s vulnerability and the complexity of his situation.

These standout episodes represent the best of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” offering intense action, intriguing plots, and memorable character dynamics that keep viewers hooked season after season.

By chrysos