The creators of NCIS recently looked back on the early days of the show, celebrating its two-decade milestone. The creative minds behind the hit CBS crime series, including Donald P. Bellisario, Don McGill, Charles Floyd Johnson, Mark Horowitz, and others, gathered to reminisce about the show’s inception. During this discussion, they revealed that Hollywood superstar Blake Lively’s sister had the chance to join the cast.

The casting process for NCIS was described as “very challenging.” They initially considered Blake Lively’s older half-sister, Robyn Lively, for a role, which ultimately went to Sasha Alexander, who portrayed Caitlin Todd. Executive producer Charles explained that while they liked Robyn Lively, they didn’t believe she was the right fit for the role. When the series was picked up, CBS decided to move on, and they continued their search for a character. Sasha Alexander joined the cast at the last minute, ultimately securing the role.

Despite not landing the part in NCIS, Robyn Lively went on to appear in various films, including “Letters to God” in 2010 and the 2014 horror classic “Ouija.” Charles expressed his fondness for Robyn Lively, acknowledging that such things occasionally happen in the industry.

By chrysos