If you’re a devoted NCIS: Los Angeles fan, you’ve likely noticed some intriguing guest stars who, while not part of the regular cast, have made significant contributions to the show. Here’s a glimpse at some of the actors who play your beloved recurring characters:

  1. Bar Paly as Anna Kolcheck: Bar Paly’s initial credited appearance on NCIS: Los Angeles was in a 2016 episode titled “Matryoshka Part 1.” Although her character, Anna Kolcheck, was once romantically involved with Callen, she returns to the show with a crucial message for the agent. Anna warns Callen of imminent danger and the necessity of collaborating with his enemy to thwart a trafficking ring.
  2. Vyto Ruginis as Arkady: Vyto Ruginis has portrayed the character Arkady since his introduction in 2009 during NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 Episode 7, titled “Pushback.” His acting career began with roles in the 1985 TV series “American Playhouse” and the 1986 film “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” Ruginis has appeared in various other series, including “Murder, She Wrote,” “Law & Order,” and “JAG.”
  3. Kavi Ramachandran Ladnier as Shyla Dahr: Kavi Ramachandran Ladnier’s acting journey began with a 1997 episode of “Cosby.” She later appeared in an episode of “Law & Order” in 2004. Ladnier made her daytime drama debut in a 2012 episode of “General Hospital” and played Elaine Simmons in an episode titled “Drive” in 2016. Her diverse acting roles encompass series like “CSI: Miami,” “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” “Heroes,” and “Dwelling.”
  4. Ravil Isyanov as Anatoli Kirkin: Ravil Isyanov charmed fans with his portrayal of Anatoli Kirkin, introduced in 2013 during season 4, episode 13, titled “Wanted.” Isyanov’s acting career includes early roles in the 1992 film “Back in the U.S.S.R.” and the 1995 movie “Hackers.” He also had a recurring role as Boris Levitsky in the 1997 series “The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous.” His filmography includes appearances in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “JAG,” “NCIS,” “Prison Break,” and “24.”
  5. Richard Gant as Raymond Hanna: Richard Gant made his debut as Raymond Hanna during NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 20, titled “Work & Family.” His early roles include appearances in the 1980 film “Night of the Juggler” and the TV movie “Attica.” Gant’s diverse acting career features appearances in series such as “The Wonder Years,” “Greenleaf,” “Men of a Certain Age,” “General Hospital,” and “Special Unit 2.”
  6. Tye White as Aiden Hanna: Tye White joined NCIS: Los Angeles in 2014 during season 6, episode 11, titled “Humbug.” White’s acting journey started with a 2010 short film titled “Hopeless,” and he portrayed LeBron in the film “Life of the Party” the same year. His filmography also includes roles in series like “American Auto,” “Chicago Fire,” and “American Crime Story.”
  7. Kayla Smith as Kamran Hanna: Kayla Smith takes on the role of Aiden Hanna’s sister, Kamran Hanna. She made her first NCIS: Los Angeles appearance during season 12, episode 6, titled “If the Fates Allow.” Smith’s acting credits span various series, including “All American,” “Star,” “Black Lightning,” and “Switched at Birth.”

These recurring characters bring depth and intrigue to the NCIS: Los Angeles universe, enhancing the show’s overall appeal.

By chrysos