Many fans are speculating about the potential return of several beloved characters in a memorial episode dedicated to David McCallum, who portrayed Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard on NCIS. McCallum, the longest-running character on the show, was part of NCIS since its inception in 2003 and remained a fixture until his passing in September. His extensive tenure on the show left a lasting impact on nearly every actor who has been part of NCIS.

As the show aims to pay tribute to McCallum and his enduring legacy, fans see this as a fitting opportunity for iconic characters like Leroy Gibbs, portrayed by Mark Harmon, and Anthony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, to potentially make a return. Interest in reprising their roles has been hinted at by both actors.

While it has been a decade since Anthony DiNozzo’s last appearance on NCIS, Michael Weatherly has been actively engaged with the show this year, frequently sharing thoughts and reflections about the series. This involvement has sparked curiosity among fans, although no official comeback confirmation has been made.

Mark Harmon, on the other hand, has previously alluded to the possibility of returning to the program, mentioning that he might make a comeback soon after leaving. However, Gibbs has yet to reappear on the show. Earlier this year, Harmon explained that his busy schedule was preventing his return as he was dedicating all his time to writing a novel based on a real incident from the Office of Naval Intelligence. With the novel slated for release in November, Season 21 could provide the perfect opportunity for his return. While there’s no official confirmation regarding Gibbs’ return, devoted fans who have longed for his comeback may finally have their hopes realized.

NCIS viewers were disheartened by the news of Mark Harmon’s departure from the crime show after 19 seasons. However, showrunner Steven D. Binder has offered a glimmer of hope for Harmon’s return. During a PaleyFest appearance, Binder shared, “Never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs [Harmon’s character] out. What the future will hold I can’t say, but I wouldn’t count anybody out, dead or alive, on the show.”

Additionally, Sean Murray, who stars as Special Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS, has also mentioned the possibility of Mark Harmon making a comeback to the show.

By chrysos