With “NCIS: Los Angeles” concluding its 14th season, there are numerous unresolved storylines and burning questions that fans hope will be addressed before the series ends. Here’s a condensed list of these questions and plot points:

  1. What happened to Hedy? Fans are eager to see Hedy’s reappearance and the resolution of her storyline.
  2. The lingering case from Season 9, “The Monster,” which involved a group of serial killers, needs closure.
  3. Will Callen and Anna’s wedding be a part of the series finale, providing a heartwarming conclusion?
  4. Callen’s mysterious past, particularly his quest to uncover the truth about his background, is a central storyline that needs resolution.
  5. Kilbride’s past and his family dynamics should be explored further, shedding light on his character.
  6. Will Kensi’s stalker finally be captured and brought to justice?
  7. Why was “NCIS: Los Angeles” canceled? Fans are curious about the reasons behind the series ending after its long run.
  8. What’s next for the cast members? Will they move on to new projects, and what does the future hold for their careers?

These questions reflect the curiosity and anticipation of fans as the beloved series draws to a close.

By chrysos