Pauley Perrette’s beloved character, Abby Sciuto, said farewell to NCIS at the end of Season 15 in May 2018 and has not returned since. Despite her popularity among fans, Perrette, in June 2019, made it clear on Twitter that she has no plans to return to the show, citing fears of an altercation with Mark Harmon and expressing nightmares about it.

The decision to leave NCIS was prompted by a series of conflicts between Perrette and Harmon, dating back to 2016. The tension arose when Harmon’s dog bit a crew member, leading to stitches. Perrette was upset that the dog returned to the set, and the discord between the two escalated, ultimately resulting in her departure.

Abby Sciuto’s last on-screen appearance was in Season 15, Episode 22, titled “Two Steps Back.” The character, after surviving an attack, resigns from NCIS, travels to England with the body of Clayton Reeves, and establishes a charity in his memory to aid the homeless. Notably, Abby did not appear in the final two episodes of the season, though Perrette’s name continued to be credited.

By chrysos