Recent rumors have stirred excitement among NCIS fans as Pauley Perrette, the ex-NCIS star, posted a sweet reunion with one of her former colleagues on her Twitter account. This unexpected meeting took place four years after Perrette left NCIS. The co-star in question is Brian Dietzen, who played the role of Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the CBS series since 2004. Perrette shared a selfie on Twitter, featuring herself with her cherished dog Rosie, both smiling at the camera. The playful exchange in the responses showcased their enduring camaraderie.

Pauley Perrette bid farewell to NCIS in 2018 after portraying the beloved forensic scientist Abby Sciuto for 15 seasons. However, her departure was overshadowed by rumors of conflicts, particularly with Mark Harmon, who played Leroy Gibbs. Allegedly, the tensions arose when Harmon’s dog bit a crew member on set, leading to a series of altercations between Perrette and Harmon. Despite these behind-the-scenes issues, Brian Dietzen continues to serve on the show as a series regular and is set to return for the 20th season.

As for Pauley Perrette’s current endeavors, she briefly appeared on the CBS sitcom “Broke” in 2020, which was canceled after one season. The actress, singer, and model has also taken on the role of a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, showcasing her criteria for selecting winners. She has maintained a low profile since leaving NCIS but has remained active in various projects, including her music career.

The possibility of Pauley Perrette returning to NCIS has sparked discussions among fans. However, the 53-year-old actress has declared her retirement from acting, making a comeback seem unlikely. The disagreements and reported altercations with Mark Harmon further suggest that a return might not be on the horizon. Despite this, a recent photo of Perrette with Brian Dietzen has reignited hopes among fans, prompting speculation about a potential reunion or cameo.

In the context of NCIS Season 19, Rule 62 was mentioned, a quirky rule introduced by Gibbs in a past episode. Rule 62 was humorously discussed in a recent episode, adding a layer of irony as it coincided with another reference to a man who believed in the absence of coincidences, reinforcing the show’s continuity and adherence to Gibbs’ rules.

Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer, has expressed optimism about the potential return of Pauley Perrette. During a Q&A session on Twitter, Dietzen answered fan questions about the upcoming seasons, teasing developments in the dynamic between his character and Victoria, Jimmy’s daughter. The show’s 20th season is set to feature Gary Cole as Alden Parker, taking over as the special agent in charge.

Amidst these discussions, there is also anticipation among fans for Michael Weatherly’s possible return as Tony DiNozzo. Stephen D. Binder, executive producer of NCIS, has expressed enthusiasm about the idea, stating that he would love to explore such a comeback now that Weatherly’s CBS show “Bull” has concluded.

In summary, the recent reunion between Pauley Perrette and Brian Dietzen has fueled excitement among NCIS fans, sparking discussions about potential comebacks and the show’s evolving dynamics. While Perrette has retired from acting, the buzz around former cast members returning adds an extra layer of intrigue to the show’s future seasons.

By chrysos