In the latest episode of NCIS Season 20, titled “Higher Education,” Timothy McGee’s hidden talent as a novelist is brought back into focus. When Thom E. Gemcity, the protagonist of McGee’s books, resurfaces in his personal project, his colleague Jessica Knight is taken by surprise. McGee, deemed the “John Grisham of NCIS” by Knight (although he prefers Tom Clancy), is busy crafting the next installment of his mystery series.

Torres, another member of the team, humorously suggests adding a new character named Rick Sorres, a badass Miami detective. As the banter continues, it’s revealed that McGee has been stuck on the third page of his novel for weeks, struggling since Gibbs left for Alaska. Delilah, McGee’s wife, encourages him to find a new muse, insisting that Gibbs isn’t the sole source of his creativity.

By the end of the episode, McGee discovers his new inspiration, and the words flow effortlessly. He excitedly shares with Delilah that he has written more in one night than he has in months. McGee introduces a new main character, a brilliant cryptologist named Delena Flemming. Delilah playfully inquires whether Delena will collaborate with her equally brilliant husband to solve cases, to which McGee responds with a teasing “you just have to wait and see.”

This subplot adds a touch of humor and creativity to McGee’s character, showcasing his life beyond solving crimes at NCIS. As the series navigates its 20th season, it continues to explore the dynamics and personal lives of its beloved characters.

By chrysos