Before joining the cast of the CBS hit military procedural NCIS, Pauley Perrette had already made a name for herself in Hollywood with supporting roles in beloved film and television projects of the ’90s and early 2000s. However, her career reached new heights when she landed the role of NCIS forensic scientist Abby Sciuto. The character’s distinctive fashion sense, including fierce bangs, jet-black pigtails, and Gothic attire, set her apart from her more buttoned-up colleagues and became a trademark of the show.

Perrette’s scene-stealing work as Abby, coupled with the character’s unique appearance and bubbly, heavily-caffeinated persona, contributed to making her a household name. However, as her NCIS tenure ended dramatically in Season 15, Perrette has embraced a colorful new look.

In January 2023, Perrette revealed her transformation on Instagram, shedding her trademark bangs and showcasing vibrant rainbow-colored locks. While this new look might render her almost unrecognizable to NCIS fans, she appears thrilled with the change. It’s worth noting that, in reality, Pauley Perrette is blonde, and her decision to maintain jet-black hair during her NCIS days added to Abby’s distinctive image. Going full rainbow is not entirely new for her, as she has sporadically embraced vibrant colors over the last couple of years.

The resurgence of the rainbow look could be linked to her attendance at the 2023 Outfest events, where she was pictured. Regardless of the reason, Perrette’s Instagram followers expressed love and admiration for her colorful new appearance. While many praised her stunning transformation, others fondly lamented her absence from the NCIS ensemble.

Since leaving NCIS, Perrette has kept a low profile, securing only one role on the short-lived 2020 sitcom “Broke.” In a 2020 declaration on Twitter (formerly X), she announced her retirement from showbiz. Based on her recent posts, it seems that not having a day job in the entertainment industry suits her well, and she’s enjoying her time away from the screen.

By chrysos