In a revealing segment of an oral history commemorating the 20th anniversary of NCIS, executive producer Charles Floyd Johnson sheds light on the circumstances that led to Pauley Perrette’s departure from her iconic role as Abby Sciuto. Perrette, a dedicated advocate for animal rights, voiced concerns about the presence of a dog owned by Mark Harmon, who portrayed Gibbs on the show, citing an incident where the dog reportedly bit someone.

Johnson disclosed, “In Pauley Perrette’s case, there was an incident with the show involving a dog. The dog belonged to Harmon, and apparently, the dog bit someone. Pauley was a huge SPCA [Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals] advocate. The dog kept coming with Harmon, and she felt it wasn’t safe for the show. By the end of that year, she just felt like it wasn’t working for her anymore, and it was time to move on.”

Former CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller acknowledged Perrette’s significant contribution to the show, stating, “Pauley Perrette made Abby one of the most beloved characters on television in the 21st century.” After being a main cast member since the show’s inception in 2003, Perrette decided it was time to explore new opportunities.

Perrette’s final appearance as Abby took place in NCIS Season 15, marked by a dramatic storyline involving the death of MI6 agent Clayton Reeves, who sacrificed himself to protect Abby from a hired hitman. Severely wounded, Abby recovers and decides to embark on a new chapter, starting a charity in England to honor Clayton and his mother while aiding the homeless. The show has since made efforts to keep Abby’s memory alive by referencing her character and acknowledging her contributions in a natural and organic manner.

Despite Perrette’s retirement from acting and her public statements about a strained relationship with Harmon, including expressing fear of potential harm, recent comments from producers and the network team provide additional context to the dispute. The likelihood of Abby’s return to the series now appears inconceivable, emphasizing the finality of Perrette’s departure.

By chrysos