As of the latest information available, Cote de Pablo, the accomplished Chilean-American actress and singer renowned for her role on NCIS, is not currently married.

Presently, Cote de Pablo is single, and she has not publicly disclosed her current relationship status. There is no substantiated evidence to suggest that she is currently married or in a committed relationship. However, it’s worth noting that she was previously involved in a significant relationship with Ecuadorian-born actor Diego Serrano. Their romance lasted for an extended period before they amicably parted ways in June 2015.

Beyond her personal life, Cote de Pablo has consistently focused on building a versatile and esteemed presence in the entertainment industry. Her exceptional portrayal of Special Agent Ziva David in the crime drama NCIS, coupled with her roles in various films and television projects, has garnered widespread critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Cote de Pablo and actor Diego Serrano shared a meaningful relationship that spanned from 2000 to June 2015. Both navigating the challenges of their individual careers in the entertainment industry, the couple decided to part ways amicably and officially ended their relationship in June 2015.

Following the separation, Cote de Pablo remained committed to her thriving acting career, achieving notable success in her iconic portrayal of Ziva David in NCIS. Similarly, Diego Serrano continued to advance in the entertainment industry, showcasing his talent and establishing a reputation for himself.

By chrysos