Why was the victim’s license found behind that sign? It sounds like a question Abby would love to tackle, but the answers aren’t coming to me. It’s Sunday morning on CBS, and here’s Jane Pauley with the profile of Pauley Perrette.

Pauley Perrette, famous for her role as Abby Sciuto on the hit series NCIS, has decided to walk away after 15 years. Despite her excitement for new ventures, saying goodbye to Abby has been a challenging process.

Paulette admits, “It makes me sad to imagine a world without Abby. I usually cry in my car every day, then take a deep breath and say, ‘It has to work.’”

Abby is an iconic character, making science cool and exciting, especially for young women. Pauley acknowledges the impact of Abby, stating, “It made science cool, attainable, and fun.”

While Abby’s raven braids and body art define her character, Pauley reveals her natural blonde hair and the fake neck tattoo in real life. She emphasizes, “I end up with blonde roots, and the famous neck tattoo is a fake.”

Despite her early interest in criminal science and a brief stint on that path, Pauley transitioned into acting after a chance encounter. She became a recognizable face in commercials before landing roles in TV and film, eventually securing her place as Abby on NCIS.

Pauley, divorced and preferring a private life, spends her time at home with her dogs. She expresses her disdain for the dehumanizing aspects of fame and cherishes her moments away from the spotlight.

While Abby’s departure is a loss, Pauley remains committed to charitable causes, supporting over two dozen organizations. She has created a scholarship for girls interested in science and forensics, ensuring Abby’s legacy lives on.

Despite uncertainties about her future projects, Pauley is in no rush to decide. She admits to ongoing conversations and offers but values her time at home with her dogs. As she navigates this new chapter, one thing is clear – Pauley Perrette continues to prioritize what makes her truly happy.

By chrysos