Torres faces a pivotal decision that has viewers on the edge of their seats.

In the Season 20 finale, breaking into a man’s house and delivering a severe threat set the stage for a dramatic turn of events. The burning question now is whether Torres will follow through on his threat and take a drastic step.

Torres’s ultimate decision has ignited speculation, with some anticipating that he might choose a less dramatic course of action.

Alternatively, the narrative could shift towards Torres embarking on a quest to uncover what this unknown man did to harm his family.

Torres reaching out to his sister before taking his bold step hints at a potential support system, with his sister possibly playing a crucial role in assisting him.

There’s room for other pivotal characters to become involved as the suspense intensifies. Bishop, who has been involved in covert operations with Odette, may re-enter the scene to aid Torres, especially if his life or career is in jeopardy.

The interconnected relationships between the NCIS team members add layers of complexity to the unfolding story, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the Season 21 resolution of this gripping cliffhanger.

By chrysos