As we navigate through the extended break, anticipation builds regarding potential character comebacks in NCIS Season 21, with a keen eye on the possibility of Cote de Pablo reprising her role as Ziva.

Ziva’s departure in NCIS Season 8 left fans heartbroken, especially considering the unresolved romantic tension with Tony. The emotional blow intensified when it was initially believed that Ziva had perished in an off-screen explosion following Tony’s exit.

However, the twist revealed that Ziva had faked her death, ensuring her daughter’s safety and reuniting with Tony. Despite this reunion, the details of Ziva’s future remain uncertain.

The looming question for NCIS Season 21 is whether Ziva will make a comeback. While spoilers are scarce due to a writers’ strike and ongoing negotiations, the possibility of Ziva’s return isn’t ruled out. Cote de Pablo left the show amicably, leaving the door open for a potential return, provided the timing and storyline align.

The decision ultimately rests with Cote de Pablo, who would need to decide if she wishes to reprise her role. If the stars align, the writers could explore incorporating Ziva into the script for a brief appearance.

For now, fans may have to rely on indirect mentions from characters like McGee to stay updated on the lives of Tony and Ziva. The hope remains that the narrative and circumstances will allow for a reunion or cameo in NCIS Season 21, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the ongoing storyline.

By chrysos