The departure of Gibbs (Mark Harmon) from NCIS at the beginning of Season 19 continues to resonate emotionally with viewers, and many are finding it challenging to come to terms with his absence. A recent flashback photo of Gibbs on the show’s official Instagram page triggered a wave of pleas and calls for the special agent to make a return.

During a three-week Christmas hiatus, the show shared a brief clip featuring Gibbs and Parker (Gary Cole), and fans quickly voiced their strong sentiments about the series without Gibbs. Comments flooded in, with viewers expressing a desire for Gibbs to return and stating that the show isn’t the same without him.

Some fans suggested getting rid of Parker and bringing back Gibbs, emphasizing that the show cannot continue without its iconic character. Others acknowledged Mark Harmon’s decision to retire after 19 seasons but hoped for occasional cameo appearances. The sentiment was summed up by one fan: “Mark deserves a happy retirement, but please inform him that we will miss Gibbs. We just want a scene here and there.”

While some fans struggled with Gibbs’ departure, others tried to find a positive perspective, acknowledging Parker as the new lead agent. Some expressed admiration for Parker and hoped for more seasons with him in a prominent role. Despite the mixed reactions, it’s clear that Gibbs has left an indelible mark on NCIS, and his absence is deeply felt by the show’s dedicated fanbase.

By chrysos