In the latest NCIS episode titled “Watchdog,” Gibbs found himself facing career-threatening consequences after an aggressive act. The question loomed: would Gibbs manage to salvage his career, or would this incident pave the way for Mark Harmon’s part-time involvement in the event of an NCIS renewal?

The episode began with a roadside incident involving a live missile, but Gibbs’ focus shifted to a wounded pit bull named Lucy. As NCIS investigated, they discovered a pattern of abused dogs. The team traced the issue to a man named Luke Stana, whom Gibbs confronted aggressively, leading to his suspension.

Despite the team’s attempt to cover for Gibbs, the lack of solid evidence against Stana put the case in limbo. Inspector General Coyle, sympathetic to animal cruelty, didn’t pursue charges. However, Vance was left to deliver punishment and suspended Gibbs indefinitely. The episode ended with Gibbs turning in his badge and gun.

If this storyline sets the stage for Harmon/Gibbs’ limited appearances in Season 19, the question arises: is this acceptable? With incoming addition Katrina Law joining as a series regular, the show has potential to maintain its appeal even with Harmon’s reduced presence.

By chrysos