As the premiere of Season 21 of CBS’s enduring NCIS approaches, speculation about Mark Harmon’s possible return as Leroy Jethro Gibbs is on the rise. Despite the recent passing of David McCallum, who portrayed Ducky, the chief medical examiner for 20 seasons, Harmon remains uncertain about Gibbs making a tribute appearance.

In a November 16 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harmon revealed that he is unaware of any plans for Gibbs to reprise his role in the upcoming season, set to premiere on February 12, 2024. Despite his role as an executive producer on the show, Harmon remains tight-lipped, suggesting he may be preserving an element of surprise.

Harmon had previously hinted that Gibbs retired to Alaska, engaging in his favorite pastimes of fishing and boat-building. Gibbs’ post-NCIS life intentionally remains shrouded in mystery, as showrunner Steven D. Binder prefers to let fans imagine the character’s off-screen journey through occasional cryptic dialogue.

The mystery surrounding Gibbs’ whereabouts and the adherence to his 91 rules have fueled speculation about a potential return. If Harmon were to make a brief appearance, fans would likely appreciate it, especially considering the on-screen and off-screen relationship between Gibbs and Ducky. However, staying true to Gibbs’ character would involve adhering to Rule 91: “when you decide to walk away, never look back.”

By chrysos