As the conclusion of the writers’ strike paves the way for renewed negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the studios, speculations among fans are already swirling about the potential storyline for NCIS Season 21. Set to air in 2024, the upcoming season is expected to undergo significant changes, compounded by the unfortunate passing of David McCallum, who portrayed Ducky, in September at the age of 90. McCallum was the sole remaining original cast member, making his loss deeply felt by both NCIS enthusiasts and admirers of his work.

The 20th season concluded with a dramatic cliffhanger, leaving Nick Torres in a precarious situation after threatening to take someone’s life, jeopardizing his career. Fans are eagerly anticipating how Torres will navigate this predicament and what consequences may unfold for the rest of the team.

A crucial aspect of the upcoming season will be addressing Ducky’s death. Ideally, the show will handle this loss through natural causes, allowing the team to focus on mourning Ducky rather than getting entangled in a case related to his tragedy.

With the absence of Ducky, the show is likely to explore how this impacts the team. Each character will embark on their unique journey of grief. While newcomers Parker and Knight may experience a lesser impact, Torres, Jimmy, and McGee are expected to be profoundly affected by the loss.

The unresolved storyline surrounding Torres, who made a life-threatening threat at the end of Season 20, is anticipated to take center stage. Speculations suggest that Torres will opt not to carry out the act but will instead initiate a mission to uncover the individual’s actions against his family, enlisting the help of his sister and Bishop.

The relationship between Palmer and Knight is also poised for further exploration. The possibility of them living together may be considered, or they might decide to strengthen their family unit. While a proposal might be a stretch, fans are eager to witness the progression of their relationship.

In the wake of Ducky’s death, the return of several figures from the past is anticipated to provide a poignant mourning backdrop. A video call with Mark Harmon reprising his role as Gibbs or appearances from Tony and Ziva would be warmly received by fans.

McGee’s writing career is expected to undergo development as he draws inspiration from his experiences, including Ducky’s death, for a new novel.

Lastly, fans are hopeful for another crossover with NCIS: Hawaii, potentially involving Torres’s ongoing plot or Knight traveling to Hawaii to offer closure for Ernie’s love interest.

By chrysos