Leroy Jethro Gibbs has been absent from NCIS for a few years, yet his influential presence continues to cast a significant shadow over the show, often being referenced in discussions. In a recent interview with Mark Harmon, who portrayed Gibbs, the possibility of the character’s comeback was explored.

The showrunner for the newest NCIS installment, NCIS: Sydney, Morgan O’Neill, has shed light on the relationship between the two series and hinted at intriguing connections.

O’Neill shared with TV Insider that Olivia Swann’s character, Michelle Mackey, the special agent overseeing the NCIS: Sydney unit, has a detailed backstory explaining her involvement with the agency. Mackey’s use of the phrase “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” has sparked speculation among fans about Gibbs playing a role in her hiring. While the connection is indirect, O’Neill embraced the theory, and the show will delve into Mackey’s journey to NCIS, including her past as a Marine Corps chopper pilot with a challenging history.

The mention of Gibbs by O’Neill caught attention, revealing that a former NCIS agent reached out to Mackey during her lowest point and brought her back into the organization. Whether this agent is Jethro Gibbs or not remains uncertain, but the show promises to explore this narrative. Given Gibbs’ departure from law enforcement and his last seen settling in Alaska, the possibility of his return is intriguing, although Harmon has indicated the character is content with his fishing pursuits.

If the former NCIS agent mentioned by O’Neill is indeed Gibbs, it’s more likely to be a reference to the character rather than an actual appearance. The streaming success of NCIS: Sydney, with 10 million streams on Paramount+ in its initial three days, underscores its appeal. However, the likelihood of Gibbs leaving his Alaskan retreat to return seems uncertain, especially if he’s hesitant to rejoin the original NCIS.

By chrysos