Leroy Jethro Gibbs may have been absent from NCIS for a few years, but his enduring influence on the show is frequently acknowledged.

In a recent interview with Mark Harmon and insights from the showrunner of the latest installment, NCIS: Sydney, the potential return of the iconic character was discussed. NCIS: Sydney has proven to be a successful addition to the franchise, indicating its continued popularity.

Morgan O’Neill, the showrunner, shared details about the connection between NCIS: Sydney and the original NCIS series. In particular, he revealed that the character Michelle Mackey, portrayed by Olivia Swann, has a detailed backstory explaining her involvement with the agency. Interestingly, Mackey’s use of the phrase “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” has sparked speculation among fans about a possible connection to Gibbs, who favored the same saying.

O’Neill hinted at exploring Mackey’s journey into NCIS, highlighting her past as a Marine Corps chopper pilot with a challenging history. The show will delve into Mackey’s lowest point, where a former NCIS agent reached out to her and brought her back into the organization.

While O’Neill did not confirm if the agent in question is Gibbs, the possibility adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. Given Gibbs’ departure and peaceful life in Alaska, Mark Harmon’s recent indications that the character is content with his fishing endeavors make an actual appearance less likely.

If the former NCIS agent mentioned by O’Neill turns out to be Gibbs, it is more probable that the reference will be a nod to the character rather than a physical return. The success of NCIS: Sydney, evident in its record-breaking streaming numbers on Paramount+, reaffirms the franchise’s enduring popularity. However, the likelihood of Gibbs leaving his Alaskan retreat for a return to NCIS or its spin-offs remains uncertain, given Harmon’s previous statements about the character’s status.

By chrysos