In the 5th episode of Season 18 of NCIS, titled “Head of the Snake,” Gibbs shot McGee. However, in the subsequent episode, “1mm,” it was revealed that Gibbs had shot McGee to protect him from potential harm, as the aircraft he was pursuing had a bomb on it.

As a result of the shooting, McGee was taken to the hospital and, fortunately, survived, though he sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder. The incident left him emotionally shaken, having been shot by someone he trusted implicitly.

In the aftermath, McGee grappled with both physical and emotional trauma. Nightmares haunted him, and he struggled with constant unease. Trust became a significant issue for him, making a return to work a daunting prospect.

Over the following episodes, with the support of his friends and family, McGee began the healing process. Despite initial hesitation, he eventually returned to work, slowly rebuilding his trust in others. The traumatic event served as a catalyst for personal growth, prompting McGee to become more assertive and confident in his abilities.

Through this challenging experience, McGee learned valuable lessons about trust and appreciation for those who stood by him during his time of need. The shooting not only marked a turning point in McGee’s character but also contributed to his development and resilience.

By chrysos