Celebrating its 20th anniversary, NCIS stands strong, propelled by an oral history, CBS’s “NCIS Day,” and the success of its latest spin-off, NCIS: Sydney. With the main show set to resume in February 2024, fans are eager for what lies ahead.

Reflecting on the Season 20 finale, it’s time to anticipate our desires and express hopes for Season 21. A pivotal question looms: did Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) commit a serious crime during an undercover prison mission? The uncertainty surrounding Torres, given his complicated past, adds depth to his character. As we await the Season 21 premiere, the resolution to this intense storyline is highly anticipated.

However, there are aspects we hope to avoid. Firstly, we do not want Jethro Gibbs to rejoin the team. While we appreciate Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Season 19 provided a fitting conclusion to his story. Bringing him back for a one-off case could diminish that closure. Gibbs is thriving in Alaska, enjoying peace after years of crime-fighting. While a reunion would be nice, the potential long-term impact on the show may not be worth it. Alden Parker, played by Gary Cole, has successfully carved his own path as the new boss, and the show should continue to thrive without Gibbs’ return.

On the positive side, we would love to see a crossover episode between NCIS and NCIS: Sydney. The success of the spin-off makes a collaboration enticing, offering fans a fresh perspective and legitimizing the new addition to the NCIS franchise.

However, there are also elements we hope to avoid, such as relationship troubles for Knight and Palmer. Fans adore the relationship between Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight, especially after the touching scenes in the Season 20 finale. Hoping for an uneventful journey, free of unnecessary drama, would allow them to continue growing together without disrupting the viewer experience.

Lastly, we want to pay appropriate honor to Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard following the untimely passing of David McCallum. With his return for Season 21 cut short, the show should address Ducky’s absence with a tasteful tribute, ensuring a respectful farewell to both the character and the actor in the storyline.

By chrysos