Yasmine Al-Bustami, recognized for her roles in “NCIS: Hawaii” and “The Chosen,” recently shared insights into the highly anticipated fourth season of the biblical drama series. In a conversation with the Daily Express, she highlighted the mounting excitement surrounding the upcoming season of “The Chosen,” scheduled for a premiere next year. Originally funded by crowdsourcing, the series has evolved into a full-fledged television phenomenon, with select episodes slated for theatrical screenings in both the UK and the USA. Overcoming challenges posed by the SAG-AF strikes, Season 4 was successfully concluded, and it is set to air on the American cable network, the CW.

Al-Bustami, who takes on the role of Lucy Tera in “NCIS: Hawaii,” underlined her involvement in both “The Chosen” and the NCIS franchise. She expressed gratitude for being part of these diverse fandoms since their inception. Recognizing the remarkable journey of “The Chosen” from its crowdfunding origins and acknowledging the unique challenges of joining an established franchise like NCIS, she commended the unwavering support from passionate fans of both series. Al-Bustami emphasized the overwhelming positivity and encouragement she receives, expressing her enthusiasm for the forthcoming season of “The Chosen.”

By chrysos