Over two decades ago, Daniela Ruah embarked on her acting journey, grappling with insecurities that initially plagued her confidence. Despite the fear of potential dismissal, Ruah secured a national television breakthrough in 2009 when she joined NCIS: Los Angeles as Agent Kensi Blye. Prior to this role, her career was predominantly rooted in Portuguese television, where she notably starred as Sara in the soap opera Jardins Proibidos for a year.

During a candid discussion on The Wayne Ayers Podcast, Ruah reflected on the challenges she faced in Portuguese soap operas, shedding light on the difficulties she encountered at the beginning of her career. She emphasized the pressure on newcomers to say yes to every opportunity, offering valuable advice for aspiring actors. Ruah highlighted the importance of being agreeable yet firm on certain issues and stressed the significance of basic professionalism, including punctuality. Moreover, she underscored the necessity of setting boundaries, encouraging actors to prioritize their well-being and decline requests that could negatively impact their health or performance.

Addressing the demanding nature of the industry, Ruah acknowledged the commonality of professionals seeking various commitments. However, she emphasized the importance of discernment, urging individuals to carefully consider what they are comfortable with and the potential long-term repercussions of their decisions.

Despite the conclusion of NCIS: Los Angeles’ 14-season run earlier this year, Ruah remains active in her career. Her recent role as Fatima in the Netflix Portuguese series Turn of the Tide showcases her versatility beyond the familiar NCIS setting.

By chrysos