With the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike, attention now turns to production schedules and episode counts for upcoming seasons, including NCIS Season 21.

Previously, the prospect of 22-episode seasons seemed unlikely due to the ongoing strike. There were concerns that even 13-episode seasons might be challenging to produce. However, the conclusion of the strike brings some optimism, pending actors’ ratification of the agreement.

As the industry recalibrates, the question arises: What can we expect for NCIS Season 21? The possibility of a 13-episode season is on the table.

According to Deadline, NCIS Season 21 is poised to be among the first shows to resume production. While the episode count is not explicitly mentioned, the report indicates that Dick Wolf dramas, including the FBI series, are slated for 13 episodes each. This opens the door for NCIS to follow a similar strategy, with filming set to commence around November 27, 2023.

A 13-episode season for NCIS Season 21 seems plausible, with the season potentially kicking off in March 2024. The strike contract, however, stipulates that actors’ winter breaks cannot be sacrificed to expedite production schedules, making an earlier start a challenging proposition.

Deadline suggests that a 10-episode season is also within the realm of possibility, contingent on factors such as the show’s nature and the amount of post-production work required. Fortunately, NCIS is noted as one of the shows with relatively straightforward post-production processes.

By chrysos