NCIS: Los Angeles returned for its highly anticipated 13th season, and the premiere episode, “Subject 17,” paid tribute to a crucial member of the NCIS team, Michele Poulik, who worked as a set decorator for the show. Poulik passed away in August after battling cancer.

The title card at the beginning of the episode honored Michele Poulik, stating, “[Michele’s] smile, presence, and laughter lit up every day.” She served as a set decorator for NCIS: Los Angeles from 2009 until her passing, contributing to over 200 episodes, including the 12th season that aired in 2020-2021.

Fans, who tuned in for the premiere, were moved by the touching tribute to Poulik. The episode acknowledged her sad passing shortly after the conclusion of season 12. Viewers took to social media to express their condolences and appreciation for Poulik’s work.

Poulik’s last credit on the series was for the 2021 episode titled “A Tale of Two Igors,” which concluded the 12th season. Her contributions to the show ensured that its locations looked as authentic as possible.

Michele Poulik’s work extended beyond the NCIS franchise, including television series like The Cleaner, Standoff, and The Shield. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 1998 for her set work on the TV miniseries From the Earth to the Moon. Poulik had a remarkable career, contributing to major films in the 1990s, such as Army of Darkness, Scream, and the Jean-Claude Van Damme thriller Hard Target.

The tribute in the season 13 premiere underlined Poulik’s significant impact on the show and the entire NCIS: Los Angeles team. The series continues to air on Sundays on CBS in the USA, with a UK release date yet to be announced.

By chrysos