In a humorous scene from NCIS Season 13 Episode 12, titled “Sister City (Part 1),” Director Vance makes a Marvel reference that leaves the usually stoic Leroy Jethro Gibbs perplexed. Vance suggests bringing in Tony Stark, the tech genius and superhero Iron Man, for questioning. However, Gibbs stares blankly, unfamiliar with the Marvel character.

Vance tries to clarify the joke by mentioning his son’s collection of Iron Man figures, but Gibbs remains unfazed, stating that he seems to be collecting them as well. Known for his traditionalist and no-nonsense demeanor, Gibbs is not one to follow pop culture trends or indulge in the latest fads. His focus revolves around his job, his team, and his passion for boat building.

Gibbs, belonging to a generation less inclined towards superhero films, may not be the target audience for such pop culture references. Despite having a daughter, his character reflects a lack of interest in the world of superheroes.

The episode “Sister City” holds significance in NCIS history as it marks the first part of a crossover with NCIS: New Orleans, centering around a mysterious case involving the poisoning of passengers and flight crew on a private plane. While the plot is intense and intriguing, it is the lighthearted moments, like Gibbs’s obliviousness to the Iron Man reference, that adds charm to the show. Throughout its run, NCIS has incorporated references to various iconic films and franchises, such as The Godfather, Alien, and Top Gun, showcasing its broad appeal to audiences.

By chrysos