Sean Murray, renowned for portraying Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee on “NCIS,” has witnessed remarkable growth from his humble beginnings. His illustrious career includes roles in classics such as “Hocus Pocus,” where he shared the screen with his real-life daughter, Cay Ryan Murray, creating a cherished moment that still brings tears to his eyes when remembered.

Initially hesitant about working with his daughter on “NCIS,” Sean Murray quickly overcame any concerns. Reflecting on their father-daughter moment in Season 19, Episode 19, he expressed pride in Cay’s professionalism and became emotional, stating, “I will always be thankful for having a piece of film with my daughter, both doing what we love together on screen.”

While reminiscing about her first gig, Murray fondly recalls the experience, and it might surprise some to learn how he feels about his daughter pursuing an acting career. Sean Murray is wholeheartedly supportive of Cay Ryan Murray pursuing acting if it brings her happiness.

Expressing immense pride in his daughter’s acting abilities, Murray emphasizes her joy in the craft. Despite potential preconceived notions about his kids’ career paths, he prioritizes their happiness. In an interview with Parade, he shared that if acting brings joy to Cay Ryan Murray, he will fully support her. Despite both being in the same industry, he commends her professionalism on set, highlighting that it feels like working with another actor rather than his daughter.

With strong family support and impressive accomplishments, Cay Ryan Murray’s acting career appears promising. The lingering question remains whether she will be reunited with her father, Sean Murray, on ‘NCIS.’

By chrysos