Cote de Pablo’s mysterious departure from NCIS left fans questioning the fate of her character, Ziva David. Her sudden exit in 2013 prompted various speculations and rumors. De Pablo’s decision to leave was primarily linked to contractual disagreements, resulting in an unexpected and abrupt conclusion to Ziva’s storyline.

Despite the initial lack of closure, the character made sporadic appearances in later seasons, keeping fans intrigued and contributing to the mystery surrounding her departure. It wasn’t until subsequent seasons that the show addressed Ziva’s fate, revealing she was alive and paving the way for her eventual return. De Pablo’s comeback to the show in a guest capacity brought joy to fans, finally providing closure and a sense of resolution to Ziva’s story arc.

While the complete story behind de Pablo’s exit may remain obscured, her intermittent appearances and eventual return added a compelling layer to Ziva David’s mystique, solidifying her as a pivotal and unforgettable character in the NCIS universe.

By chrysos