The upcoming prequel spinoff, “NCIS: Origins,” is set to explore Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ early years as a Special Agent in 1991. Narrated and executive produced by Mark Harmon, the series will introduce a younger version of Special Agent Vera Strickland, originally portrayed by Roma Maffia. The storyline will center on Gibbs as he assembles a formidable team at the NCIS Camp Pendleton office, under the leadership of Mike Franks, played by Muse Watson in the main series. Although Sean Harmon, Mark’s son, played a role in developing the spinoff, he won’t be portraying the younger Gibbs.

Sean Harmon will join Mark Harmon, David J. North, and Gina Lucita Monreal as executive producers and showrunners. The series aims to provide insights into Gibbs’ early career and the formation of his NCIS team.

By chrysos