The enduring fans of “NCIS” have consistently pondered the potential return of Abby Sciuto, portrayed by Pauley Perrette. Let’s delve into the prospects of this beloved character making a comeback.

Abby’s Legacy:

Abby left an indelible mark on the show, and her departure in 2018 created a void that fans yearned to see filled.

Behind-the-Scenes Drama:

Perrette’s exit was marred by tensions with co-star Mark Harmon, stemming from an on-set incident that garnered significant attention.

Hopes and Speculation:

Enthusiastic fans have fervently discussed the possibility of Abby’s return, but as of my last update in 2022, there hasn’t been any official announcement.

Facing Reality:

Concrete information regarding Abby’s return is currently unavailable. Furthermore, Perrette declared her retirement in 2021, potentially diminishing the likelihood of a reunion.


While the prospect of Abby making a return is undoubtedly exciting, it’s crucial to acknowledge the absence of official confirmation. While surprises are not uncommon in the entertainment industry, for now, fans can appreciate Abby’s impact on “NCIS” and maintain hope for a potential return in the future.

By chrysos