After nearly two decades of captivating audiences, the cherished show NCIS recently unraveled the mystery of how Leroy Jethro Gibbs gets his boats out of the basement. Mark Harmon bid farewell to his iconic role as Gibbs after 18 years. The latest crossover event, “Starting Over,” between NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii introduced new characters and potential romantic interests for Torres in Hawaii.

Katrina Law, brimming with excitement about the crossover, joined the episode as Jessica Knight, hinting at chemistry with Ernie Malik in NCIS: Hawaii. Despite Harmon’s departure, there’s a glimmer of hope for Gibbs’s return, according to the executive producer.

In summary, the long-standing boat mystery has been solved, the crossover proved successful, new romantic storylines are unfolding, and while Gibbs’s future remains uncertain, there is a sense of optimism for what lies ahead.

By chrysos