As it enters its 19th season, NCIS continues to captivate fans with its winning combination of drama and humor. Michael Weatherly, who portrayed DiNozzo, playfully likened the show to “The Dukes of Hazzard in the Navy” and “CHiPs meets Hill Street Blues,” expressing his fondness for it. Despite his affection, he humorously lamented the absence of a catchy theme tune.

Behind the scenes, Weatherly often embraced a comedic role, from dressing up as Elvis to making jokes about character struggles. While the show is renowned for its crime-solving, it is not without its share of bloopers and inaccuracies, including timeline conflicts and geographical inconsistencies.

Pauley Perrette shared the inspiration behind Abby Sciuto – her rescue dog. Mark Harmon showcased his playful side through pranks, such as hanging a dead lizard in a co-star’s trailer. However, the show has faced criticism for lapses in firearm analysis and procedural errors. Despite these occasional bloopers, NCIS maintains its popularity, successfully blending crime-solving with moments of levity that keep fans hooked.

By chrysos