Polly Perrette’s abrupt departure from NCIS in 2018 shocked fans, officially attributed to her character resigning after an assassination attempt. However, behind-the-scenes reports suggest a significant factor was a clash with series lead Mark Harmon. Allegedly, the tension began in 2016 when Harmon’s dog bit a crew member. In Perrette’s final episode, she and Harmon did not share the screen, and her exit was creatively handled with Abby bidding farewell through a letter. Perrette’s cryptic tweets after leaving hinted at workplace issues, later confirmed by CBS addressing her concerns.

Despite fans’ hopeful wishes, Perrette declared on Twitter in 2019 that she would never return to NCIS. Having retired from acting in 2020, a comeback to the long-running series appears unlikely. The backstage drama adds to a history of challenges on the NCIS set, including Sasha Alexander’s exit due to demanding schedules during the show’s second season.

By chrysos