Linda Hunt, renowned for her role in “NCIS,” shares a revamped 1919 Hollywood Craftsman residence with her partner of 43 years, Karen Kline. Acquired for renovation, the house radiates a blend of playfulness and elegance, featuring distinctive elements such as star-shaped light fixtures and vintage furnishings. The 200-square-foot sunroom boasts Designers Guild wallpaper adorned with topiary trees. The exterior reflects the charm of New England architecture, with modifications including the relocation of the central hallway to create additional space.

A former bedroom transformed into a den/library enhances the overall appeal of the home, while the master bathroom stands out with its lavender walls. The kitchen showcases repainted cabinets and New England blue trim on doors and windows. Despite facing challenges, such as a car accident in 2018, Linda remains resilient, actively contributing to her role on “NCIS.” At 76 years old, she finds joy in spending quality time with her 70-year-old partner in their beautifully renovated home, surrounded by their beloved dogs.

By chrysos