Season 21 of NCIS is facing disappointment for some fans due to the impact of lengthy Hollywood strikes and the summer holiday, causing delays in early preparations for the 2023-2024 television season. Despite these setbacks, CBS is set to debut new episodes on Monday, February 12. However, the season will only consist of ten episodes, a departure from the typical 24-episode format. The late start limits the number of weeks available for airing this spring.

The sneak peek and early trailer released by CBS hint at dramatic developments in the upcoming season. A particularly emotional note is the farewell bid to an NCIS legend, promising tears from the cast, staff, and fans.

In contrast to the usual 24-episode structure, the abbreviated season is a result of production delays, a consequence of the Hollywood strikes and other disruptions. The hope is that the show will return to its regular format in future seasons, with Season 22 potentially in the cards if the top-rated program is extended. Despite these challenges, the loyal fan base eagerly anticipates the return of NCIS on February 12, coinciding with the return of NCIS: Hawai’i on the same night.

By chrysos