NCIS, a television powerhouse, stands as one of the most successful and enduring shows in the history of television.

Even with its widespread fan acclaim, this beloved series has not been immune to controversy, ranging from lackluster special episodes to the departure of well-loved characters. In this exploration, we delve into the storylines that ignited passionate discussions among the show’s dedicated fanbase.

The Backstory Misstep: A standout in the NCIS history books is the Season 6 special episode titled “Knockout,” aiming to unveil the mysterious past of Director Vance. Despite good intentions, fans were left underwhelmed, marking it as the lowest-rated episode on IMDb.

Viewers questioned the timing of delving into Vance’s backstory, considering the character’s relative newness to the NCIS Squad. It served as a lesson that not every character exploration resonates, and delving into backstories might be better received when fans have a deeper investment in the characters.

Revisiting Gibbs’ Past: Mark Harmon’s portrayal of Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a cornerstone of NCIS, with the character’s enigmatic backstory adding to the show’s allure.

Criticism arose when the show revisited Gibbs’ revenge killing in the 16th season. Many viewers expressed discontent, arguing that this aspect of Gibbs’ life had already been explored in a previous episode. The repetition left some fans frustrated, and discussions on platforms like Reddit reflected this sentiment.

Season 14’s Struggle: NCIS faced a daunting task in Season 14 as it attempted to fill the void left by Tony DiNozzo’s departure at the end of Season 13. Despite introducing new characters in an effort to mend the heartache, fans responded with disappointment. The chemistry fell flat, banter lacked its usual spark, and the new additions struggled to find their place in the NCIS universe. Viewers voiced their dissatisfaction, missing the dynamic that characterized the earlier seasons.

Ziva’s Farewell: The departure of Ziva David, portrayed by Cote de Pablo, in Season 11 left viewers in shock. Initially citing personal reasons, de Pablo later revealed creative differences as the underlying cause. She objected to the writers’ portrayal of Ziva’s fate, depicting her as a despondent woman sent back to Israel. De Pablo stood up for her character, refusing to return until a compelling storyline was developed. Her choice underscored Ziva’s impact on female viewers and solidified her status as an empowering character.

Abby’s Shocking Exit: Pauley Perrette’s exit from NCIS as the beloved Abby Sciuto sent shockwaves through the fanbase. Rumors of a clash with Mark Harmon circulated, with an incident involving Harmon’s dog allegedly causing tension. Perrette clarified on social media, asserting that she would never return and expressing discomfort with Harmon. Her departure left fans heartbroken, with many stating that NCIS was not the same without Abby.

While NCIS has weathered its fair share of controversy and divisive storylines, the show’s intrinsic charm and storytelling prowess continue to draw viewers. Celebrating two decades of television dominance, NCIS exemplifies resilience in the face of occasional setbacks, consistently regaining its footing and keeping fans captivated with its crime-solving mastery.

By chrysos