NCIS is not anticipated to make a comeback until 2024, and the potential return of Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David has stirred up mixed reactions among fans. Speculation has been circulating about the reunion of Agents Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) in NCIS Season 21, eliciting diverse opinions on whether it’s a favorable idea.

Fans have long yearned for a reunion between Tony and Ziva, especially after Ziva’s departure in season 11 and Tony’s exit following her presumed death in season 13. The offscreen reconciliation in season 16 left viewers eager for more, with actor Michael Weatherly adding fuel to the speculation through cryptic tweets.

On New Year’s Day, Weatherly teased a potential return, hinting at an intriguing year for such moments. Despite the characters’ popularity during their NCIS tenure, not everyone is thrilled about the possibility of Tony and Ziva making a full-time comeback.

Many fans express the desire for a special appearance, perhaps in the show’s final episode, rather than a regular return. Some argue that bringing them back as main cast members could impede the show’s progression.

Opinions on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit vary, with some fans expressing reluctance to see Tony and Ziva return, while others remain hopeful for a brief reunion. The sentiment appears divided between those who appreciate the characters’ history on the show and those who believe their return might hinder the series’ development.

Despite ongoing speculation, there has been no official confirmation regarding Tony and Ziva’s return to NCIS. The uncertainty is further compounded by the writers’ strike, which has been ongoing for the past month, potentially delaying the show’s return until early 2024 or later.

By chrysos