In the latest season of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ fans are eagerly awaiting answers regarding the whereabouts of Hetty, portrayed by Linda Hunt.

The season premiere hinted at concerning developments surrounding Hetty’s last known location in Syria, leaving viewers anxious about her well-being.

While creator Scott Gemmel has remained tight-lipped about specifics, rumors suggest the discovery of a body in Syria, sparking worries about Hetty’s fate.

Hetty’s absence has prompted the team to become more self-reliant, with characters like Callan stepping up in her absence amidst uncertainty.

Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks navigate the challenges of parenthood through adoption, particularly with the addition of teenager Rosa to their family.

The shifting dynamics test their parenting skills, showcasing their journey of adaptation and personal growth.

In addition, ‘NCIS’ introduces Ezra Moretti, portrayed by Billy Miller, a captivating antagonist reminiscent of adventure films.

Miller, known for his roles in soap operas like “All My Children” and dramas like “Suits,” brings depth to his character, adding intrigue to the series.

As the season progresses, viewers eagerly await resolutions to ongoing mysteries and the continued evolution of beloved characters in the dynamic world of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’

By chrysos