Country music star Blake Shelton recently shared a deeply personal journey regarding his health and faith, as well as his lighthearted reaction to winning the Social Country Star Award at the People’s Choice Country Awards.

In a recent interview, Shelton opened up about his wife Gwen Stefani’s profound influence on his spiritual life. He praised her unwavering faith in God and how it has inspired him to embark on his own spiritual journey. Shelton noted the positive impact Gwen’s faith has had on his music, with themes of faith and spirituality now permeating his songs.

However, Shelton also revealed a health scare he faced, stemming from poor lifestyle habits during the pandemic. He candidly admitted to overeating and excessive drinking, which led to a minor heart issue. This prompted him to prioritize his health and adopt the ketogenic diet, resulting in significant weight loss and improved well-being.

Despite his success, Shelton remained humble when accepting the Social Country Star Award. He humorously reflected on his journey in the music industry and expressed gratitude to his fans for their support.

Shelton’s presence extends beyond music, as he entertains fans on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, offering glimpses into his life on his Oklahoma ranch with Stefani. While he may not be as active on Twitter, his engaging social media presence continues to captivate audiences.

The People’s Choice Country Awards celebrated not only Shelton but also other notable artists in the genre. With his return to television for the upcoming season of Barmaggedon and a festive Christmas episode in the works, fans can anticipate more entertaining moments from Shelton in the near future.

By chrysos