Vanessa Ray, known for her significant role on the show “Blue Bloods,” recently expressed her desire to collaborate more with certain cast members. In a recent interview, Ray conveyed her eagerness to explore new on-screen dynamics, especially with cast members she doesn’t frequently interact with. Having appeared in the show for the 180th time, she is keen to delve into fresh opportunities.

Ray specifically mentioned her interest in working alongside the trio of Lieutenant Sid Gormley, Detective Abigail Baker, and Commissioner of Public Information Garrett Moore, portrayed by Robert Clohessy, Abigail Hawk, and Gregory Jbara, respectively. Although they haven’t shared scenes together, Ray admires their evident camaraderie and the joyful atmosphere they bring to the set, even more so than her interactions with co-star Will Estes.

Despite finding it challenging to envision a scenario where their characters intersect, Ray praised their bond and the constant laughter they share, hinting at the potential for future collaborations.

By chrysos