“Blue Bloods” fans have been increasingly vocal about notable continuity flaws in the series, leaving them both puzzled and frustrated. From inconsistencies in character ages to contradictions in plotlines, viewers have pinpointed narrative gaps that have caused confusion. One prominent issue revolves around the character Joe’s age, which seems to fluctuate throughout the series despite attempts to establish his birth year. Furthermore, discrepancies in Danny and Linda’s wedding anniversary and the location of their home have sparked debates among fans. Jamie’s escalating student debt between seasons without explanation, alongside shifts in character employment duties such as Jamie and Eddie’s working relationship, have cast doubts on the show’s credibility.

While CBS has offered assurances that some of these plot holes will be addressed in the forthcoming season, many fans remain skeptical. With the potential for the 14th season to be the show’s last, viewers are hopeful for resolutions to these lingering inconsistencies. As “Blue Bloods” gears up for its upcoming season, fans will be eagerly awaiting to see whether these storyline gaps are ultimately acknowledged and resolved, or if they persist, continuing to frustrate viewers until the very end.

By chrysos