In a poignant turn of events, Michael Weatherly makes a surprising return as Tony DiNozzo in NCIS Season 21’s tribute episode to Ducky. Weatherly’s comeback carries significant weight, surpassing even the anticipated cameo of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

The episode serves as a heartfelt farewell to the beloved character of Dr. Mallard, following the passing of David McCallum in 2023. As the last original NCIS character to grace the series, McCallum remained a core cast member until his death, with occasional appearances granted by CBS to accommodate his desire for more family time as he aged.

Ducky’s enduring presence and his collaborations with every iteration of the NCIS team make him a deserving recipient of such a tribute episode.

While the current cast boasts stalwart characters like Timothy McGee and his apprentice Jimmy Palmer, there was a collective hope among fans for the return of additional characters from the show’s earlier era.

Rather than opting for a Gibbs cameo, NCIS devised a poignant strategy for Ducky’s memorial episode. Michael Weatherly’s reprisal of DiNozzo’s character adds depth and nostalgia to the narrative.

Brian Dietzen, who portrays Ducky’s on-screen protégé, played a significant role in shaping the episode, co-writing “The Stories We Leave Behind” alongside Scott Williams.

By chrysos