Will Estes and Vanessa Ray, who play Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko-Reagan on Blue Bloods, are beloved for their portrayal of the couple known as Jamko. As the series enters its final season, the actors reflect on their time together. Estes credits Ray for teaching him to have fun on set and for helping him with the technical aspects of their roles. Ray appreciates Estes’s support and guidance, particularly in understanding the cop world.

They express fondness for their on-screen partnership and joke about potential spin-offs. Reflecting on their characters, they envision Jamko starting a family with traditions like Sunday dinners and cultural outings in New York City. When asked about crossover ideas, they humorously suggest appearing on a tropical island or a comedy like Abbott Elementary. They reminisce about significant moments of growth for Jamko, including their evolving romantic relationship and commitment to service. Finally, they playfully discuss the possibility of a dog for Jamko, reflecting on their experiences with canine actors on set.

By chrysos