Brian Dietzen, known for his role as Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the enduring crime procedural NCIS, shares an optimistic perspective on the potential renewal of Season 22. As a mainstay since the show’s inception in 2003, Dietzen has witnessed the expansion of the NCIS franchise to include spinoffs set in diverse locations. The franchise is set to mark its 1,000th episode within the ongoing NCIS Season 21 on April 15, showcasing its enduring popularity.

In response to inquiries about the show’s future, Dietzen expressed his satisfaction with the audience’s loyalty, especially after the show’s shift from Tuesday to Monday nights. He conveyed hope for the renewal of Season 22, citing the show’s continued success and jokingly suggesting they aim for a “clean, even 2,000” episodes. Despite his initial surprise at the show’s schedule change, Dietzen commended the dedicated fan base for following the series and maintaining its status as one of the most-viewed scripted shows on television, even competing with Monday Night Football. His sentiments reflect a sense of gratitude and acknowledgment of the show’s ongoing success.

By chrysos