In NCIS season 21’s tribute to David McCallum’s character, Dr. Mallard, Tony DiNozzo, portrayed by Michael Weatherly, makes a significant return. While Mark Harmon’s Gibbs is notably absent, Weatherly’s comeback adds depth to the emotional storyline. The episode, “Stories We Leave Behind,” intertwines the team’s grief over Mallard’s death with a case he was working on, incorporating flashbacks of key moments with Mallard. Weatherly’s DiNozzo returns to offer support to Palmer, Mallard’s protege, marking his first appearance since season 13.

DiNozzo’s return hints at a potential future for NCIS, contrasting with the slim chance of Gibbs returning full-time. DiNozzo’s past ties to the team, coupled with Weatherly’s expressed interest in returning to the show, could lead to a more permanent role. This prospect is especially significant as NCIS bids farewell to all original characters in season 21, leaving little hope for Harmon’s Gibbs to reclaim his spot. However, DiNozzo’s appearance presents an opportunity for a reunion with Gibbs, possibly in the franchise’s upcoming 1,000th episode celebration, offering fans a nostalgic moment in the show’s history.

By chrysos