The announcement of Blue Bloods coming to an end left fans worldwide stunned, adding to the list of surprising show conclusions, including Saturday Night Live. During the cold open of the Jan. 27 episode, themed around the AFC Championship, commentators lamented the impending end of “real football” and joked about relying on Blue Bloods, humorously dubbed “the No.1 drama in every dentist’s office,” for entertainment.

However, their dismay deepened when they learned that Blue Bloods would indeed be concluding, mirroring the reactions of many fans. The SNL NFL commentators comically expressed disbelief, exclaiming, “Now they’re taking Blue Bloods from us, too?!” Even the suggestion of a replacement, such as the fictional drama So Help Me Todd, was met with disdain.

Blue Bloods had been renewed for Season 14 the previous March, but news of its final season emerged in December, adding to the list of CBS series bidding farewell, including S.W.A.T., Young Sheldon, and Bob Hearts Abishola. Yet, fans can still anticipate more from the Reagan family, as Season 14 will be split into two parts, with the first 10 episodes airing in spring and the final eight in the fall.

Despite the remaining time with Blue Bloods, bidding farewell won’t be easy, echoed by lead actor Tom Selleck’s reluctance to part ways. Anticipation builds for the final season’s storylines, expected to be grander than ever.

Viewers eager for Season 14 won’t have to wait long, with new episodes premiering on Friday, Feb. 16 at 10 p.m. ET as part of CBS’s 2024 spring schedule. Speculation arises whether cast members like Selleck or Donnie Wahlberg might grace SNL as hosts before the show concludes, a testament to the writers’ fondness for the beloved series.

By chrysos