After the emotional tribute episode for Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard aired on NCIS, CBS provided fans with a peek behind the scenes. On Instagram, a series of behind-the-scenes images from the special episode were shared, bidding farewell to the beloved character portrayed by the late David McCallum.

During the filming of the franchise’s 1,000th total episode, TVLine had a chance to chat with cast member Brian Dietzen, who co-wrote the Ducky tribute alongside EP Scott Williams. Dietzen broke down the surprise cameo by Michael Weatherly, who reprised his role as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

In the episode’s final moments, DiNozzo made a heartfelt appearance, gifting Jimmy with a black bowtie and sharing a Ducky-like anecdote. Dietzen expressed his appreciation for hearing DiNozzo’s familiar voice, emphasizing that DiNozzo wasn’t just honoring Ducky’s loss but also showing up for his friend.

Dietzen also hinted at three “Easter eggs” hidden throughout the episode, paying homage to McCallum’s previous roles. Fans were encouraged to spot them all.

The BTS images, including one featuring NCIS: LA alum Daniela Ruah directing the franchise’s 1,001st episode, were shared on Instagram, giving fans a glimpse into the making of the memorable episode.

By chrysos